Dom 08

These pictures i made last year playing around with some different exposure times and my dv-cam fisheye lens.

beautifall '08

There are just some impressions from my last weekend trying to find something likeable while it's being fall. Have a nice week everybody! (click on the images to enlarge them)

Best wishes


Tour de Franck - 2008

Day 01

the master-plan

but too much stuff!

i drove 220km the very first day and reached finally Mount-Steinhude :)

... with a great big lake on it's side where i stayed for one more day

my great Giant-bike!

Day 03

after leaving my first hotel "Sonnenwinkel" :) i enjoyed some really really
really heavy inclines (sometimes 14%)

but with the encouragement of my new friends i was yelling for more pain!

"Go Go Go Frank!"

and reached finally after 8 hours my second hotel in the little but sweet town Brakel. The pure cosy wellness was waiting just for me and guess what, i gasped "bum fire yes!" for 2 days!

Day 05

the 3th tour was so amazing. Boy i passed so many great places and spots of beautiful nature ...

at the end of the day i stopped at Frankenberg and found real quick a nice guesthouse.


(like 123.233.475 times before)

aahh! there we go!

believe it or not just 3 kilometers before reaching the finish line i met
my mum and my sister going for a walk with the doggies ... coool!

my beloved sister

and at the end ... back home by train ...